Music in Search of AI and Marvin Minsky

May 12, 2013 2:14 PM

Music I wrote while searching for Minsky's The Society of Mind. A kind of experimental Baroque for piano.

During the mid-'90s I decided to set Minsky's book The Society of Mind to music. But first I had to find it. This was no small task back then. To tide me over while looking for that book I wrote this piece. I had read in an interview with Minsky that he had been passionate about the music of Bach so I took bits of Bach, altered them in ways I can no longer remember the specifics of, and put it all together. The result is something Baroque-sounding but definitely not anything Bach would have written. There is also text that accompanies the piece that you have to download the sheet music for.

I have a blog and a blog post with more details here.

Here is a direct link to the sheet music in pdf form.

And for the last bit of self-promotion, go here for the rest of my music.

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