vampire deer - football nation

May 13, 2013 12:31 PM

song 6 - a long one with lots of guitar and some screaming

stallion defense never yields
hit them, hit them, leave them hurting
we will sack the unbelievers
we will make them drink the golden calf
no tolerance for the undermen
hit them, hit them, while you can
worship the idea of a blistering sun
to cleanse the world of the enemy

football nation gonna win

we are the privileged of this world
you do not refuse us our place in life
the sex we crave, the factory slave
the dollar sharp as a knife
we will cut you from the system
we will cut you from the earth
we will cut you from the team
we will cut you right from birth

fucking crazy
you people are fucking crazy
with your perfect lawns
and god safely pawned
you people are fucking crazy

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