May 16, 2013 8:27 AM

Delta blues cover of Alt-J Breezeblocks. Consider May's challenge: Accepted.

So, I thought to myself: If I'd make a futurecover, in what style would it be? Been a Delta blues fan since I heard good ol' Mississippi Fred - Goin' down to the River and well, match it up with something new that I like (Alt-J) and voilĂ , here you go! Hope you enjoy.

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This is ace! Better than the original I'd say, although I'm biased toward you cause I can't stand the Alt-J guy's voice.

The clipping is a bit off-putting though, what did you record on?
posted by greenish at 8:36 AM on May 22, 2013

Thank you greenish!

Not wanting to leave anything out, I wrote everything in detail, so forgive my meanderings:

I recorded it at home, Shure KSM32 through a MBox-mini. Instead of mic-ing up everything I decided to just get a simple mono-mix since that's basically everything they had back in the day. Then I tweaked it a little bit with a PSP vintage Warmer to give it a little bit sparkle and then threw some iZotope Vinyl to give it that early '30s crackle and low-cut along with some dust and cracks.

So the clipping might be just that, me trying to make it more authentic, thinking about the songs you can download for free at the . Then again, it might be my foot-tapping that John Lee Hooker (SLYT) did for example.
posted by AnTilgangs at 12:05 PM on May 26, 2013

No, it's not the foot-tapping, I can hear that clearly on the beat. Perhaps it's the artificial pops are sounding weird in my headphones.

I think the mono mix works really well for this kind of stuff.
posted by greenish at 8:25 AM on May 28, 2013

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