vampire deer - windmill burning

May 21, 2013 5:35 PM

song 10 - a fictional account of the end of an era

the windmill is burning on a hot spring night
while football players and their girls drink beer from paper cups
no one poured the kerosene, no one struck the light
no one threw the wicker on it, no, it just happened to go up
and the cops all stand and talk into their microphones
and the firemen nod and tell each other, it looks well contained
a few hippies in the shadows murmer like dark stones
and as the roof collapses, boy wolves howl as they've been trained

the windmill is burning, the smoke is hard and thick
and the offerings of paper cups pile on to the flames
they couldn't wait for the bulldozer, it was making them too sick
they drink their beer and holler without no sense of shame
the cops and the firemen don't do a goddamned thing
but you'd better turn your backs while you pass around that joint
it's the school's victory song the drunken voices sing
and the flames break down - was there ever any point?

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