Kingdom of Heaven

June 1, 2013 10:07 AM

A 13th Floor Elevators song, recorded live at Trailer Space Records last Saturday night.

Clear Light Research is the name of a loose gathering of musicians headed up by my old friend Fred Mitchim, who sings and plays guitar. It was an honor to have Lisa Cameron, formerly of Glass Eye on the drums. I play the bass, & was responsible for the recording and mixing.

Music for attempted levitation, failure, and further attempts. I know it's possible.

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Oof. So that part in my biopic where they just kinda do a long rainy montage for my descent into alcoholism and madness, and the camera slowly pulls back and refocuses on a rain-strewn window with a dark, vague reflection of the unspeakable acts going on in my apartment (you know that part) this is what's playing. Or I'm firing the director.
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