Got videos? Post 'em.

June 17, 2013 6:53 PM

Any videos of you guys live? Here's ours.

Well, finally, and with a big debt to MeFiMu, I got the band on the road. We had a few outings as a duo last year, but this year we finally got the full band together. Here's a rough video of our closer from a gig on Sunday, a song I previously posted to MeFiMu and which Hoops aka Major Dundee contributed a guitar solo too. Kinda different with a different guitarist, no?

I would love to be able to get a visual fix on some of you guys. Flapjax I think we are all familiar with from his great YouTube presence, but what about the rest of you? I thought it would be fun to make a video thread.
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Only performing live or music video-type appearances as well? I have the latter, not so much the former. (I did just post a link to a video a few seconds ago in my most recent song post, actually...)
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Anything goes!
posted by unSane at 5:26 AM on June 18, 2013

I'm playing what's sure to be an under-rehearsed shitshow of an early-morning set at a farmers' market on Saturday, I'll see if I can get my wife to shoot some embarrassing video.
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Nobody in the band appears in it, but my old band did make one music video a while ago.
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We've done a few so here's our Vimeo page.
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Ha, great, sleepy pete. I love the girl languidly reclining in the window.
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I posted it elsewhere here recently, but I'm in this video.
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Nothing live but I have some various video weirdness here.
posted by chococat at 4:09 PM on June 20, 2013

Us playing at a squat in the Richmond a few months back: Arrested.
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I made this video for a track by Cultural Amnesia, a group I've been in for over thirty years, which is quite scary. We took twenty or so of those years off, but still...
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We call this particular alignment of players The Atomic Energy Commission whenever it happens. Audio starts shitty because I started the video before Fred rolled tape, then the video goes black after a while, as my phone filled up. I'm on the left, playing el basso.
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Wow, so that went pretty badly, for entirely different reasons than expected. Here's Eight Days a Week and Please Please Me, run down as fast as possible.
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I love that, ozzy. Good job. Seriously.
We played under the exact same tent in the exact same kind of situation for a fundraising Parkinson's Walk several years ago. I think we did Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes and something off Rubber Soul and something else I can't remember. Totally the same kind of deal. Hi! We're Acoustic!

The stedicam-ish video stabilization on this made me feel like I was a bit high.
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Mash-ups, with me the only live part: The Wale Has Swallowed Me, The Most Important Part of Playing Funk Guitar

Long distance video song romance: she sings and plays the bassline, sends it to me and then I sing and play along.

Live on stage with band, covering a song from "Elvis: Live At The Fillmore East".
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Ha, since we're doing the Farmer's Market thing, here's ours. Not very acoustic at all.
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bonefish, that long distance video duet is superb.
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Wow, look at all you guys having bands and stuff and sounding good. This is a neat thread.

Totally the same kind of deal. Hi! We're Acoustic!

Ha, yeah, it's a fun sort of setup, if you go into it with the right mindset. I got an email from my mother-in-law like 3 weeks ago saying, hey, we have a date at the farmers market, can you play? We got in maybe an hour or two of rehearsal, didn't even play through the whole set. It's a good thing the two of them are pretty solid on harmony, if not on planning.
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Whoa! Great stuff all!

Just added this to the MeFiMu front page, then I caught this thread in the sidebar.

We've got another video here, too.

Anyone who likes their Wednesday morning a little weird is encouraged to have a look!
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Who could forget Storm Team Theme??
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I posted the audio as a track yesterday (along with a link to the video) but dammit, this is the first video of a public performance (like, with an audience and everything) in recent memory that I'm fairly pleased with so I'm going to post it here too. From the public concert at the Antietam Early Banjo Gathering last weekend, myself and Joel Hooks performing an 1865 arrangement of a tune called Blue Eagle Jail. I'm the scruffy looking guy on the right.

(A bit of background about the song.)
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Holy crap! As an indirect result of this thread someone just sent me an entire set from 1994 of my band Earcandy, in absolute pristine video, really well shot. I didn't even know the footage existed. Am just trying to sort out permission to post it online.
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The motherlode. Well, one song, anyway. 1994, the George Canning in Brixton. That's me on the right. Husker Du/Therapy? flags flying.

Bo was a hell of a drummer. It was like riding a rocket whenever he was on the kit.
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Man, that is some rawk!
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And yes, apparently I'm a bit cross-eyed.
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I recorded a doofy me and my invisible band of clones video for a Happy Birthday Metafilter song a few years ago. I think I look a lot less stiff when I actually stand up and perform in front of human beings, but there I am. And it's weird that at this point my long hair looks weird to me.
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Here's another of ours. This was at a little private music festival I organized for Canada Day. Our guitarist runs a sound reinforcement biz so we were able to put on a totally pro show with my friend Drew McIvor doing a wonderful guest spot, plus a lot of random open mics, kids' bands and so on, some other local bands, and finally us. It was a great evening... Friends and friends of friends, literally on my doorstep as you'll see.
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Here's my old band, The Milfs, live at the iconic Annandale Hotel.

I'll have videos for my new band up soon.
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I recorded a doofy me and my invisible band of clones video

Also, I posit that the 'getting up and walking over to the camera to push STOP' part of YouTube videos is the 'needle stuck in the runout groove' of this generation.
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unSane that porch concert looks like the funnest thing.
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Great stuff, folks.

Here's me w/ band at the Good Ship Kilburn last year (I'm the guy in the hat).
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Great thread.

A few years back my late lamented Hong Kong punk band played a set to commemorate the closing of an awesome indie venue: LIVE FAST DIE! at Hidden Agenda. (Luckily Hidden Agenda found another space, and they survive to this day -- albeit still hounded by the government.)
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Really loving this thread. Chococat, that gig at my house was a ton of fun. If you're around next year think about coming up for it. We aim to make it bigger and better.
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O hai, two month-old thread. I play guitar & program lots of synths and stuff in a band called Nova Social. You can kinda see me lurking in the shadows playing ye olde Steinberger in this clip.
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I made a ridiculous, low budget video for The White Whale. There are also a few videos of a band I was in a while back over here. I was the drummer.
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