The Last of the Very Few to Begin With

July 7, 2013 4:10 PM

I wrote this because I'm supposed to be writing stories instead. All instruments are performed through the glass of the iPad except the recorders. This was triggered by a sudden affection for the sad mistiness of tin soldiers and their big, hopeless, losing battles.

In particular, this is a devotion to childhood evenings spent reading the Narnia chronicles, and nights spent crying because I couldn't march along with everyone else in the last book.

Ah well, you grow up, and 4/4 turns into 6/8, just because adulthood is complicated and music theory is hard.

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Further up and further in!

I'm more and more impressed with the iPad as a musicmaking device. What programs did you use for this? did you record the recorders using the iPad as well, or transfer to some other setup? Any more details about the recording process?
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All GarageBand, all the way! The iPad's built-in mic does a terrific job for one-off stuff like this, but I'm guessing more sophisticated equipment would be required for a professional sound, I don't know.
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Awesome paean to the fanciful days of yore, dude.
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Heh, thank you dobie.
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You nailed it. Kept expecting Maddy Prior's voice to ring out any second.
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