Suffragette City

July 18, 2013 4:01 AM

When I was assigned this tune for the David Bowie 'Ziggy Stardust' challenge, I was a little worried that I couldn't really manage it, somehow. But I had fun with it and I think it turned out OK. Plus I got this total blam-blam to help me with the promo clip, which you can viddy, my little droogie, at YouTube or Vimeo.

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nice one, flapjax. The synth burbles are fantastic.

is that drone sound a berimbau?
posted by dubold at 5:59 AM on July 18, 2013

Thanks, dubold! The string instrument is a cigar box guitar. With one string. And the synth is this one, from the late 70s, quite the antique!
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Also, droogie, that clip is horrorshow!
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The stills from the video are pretty funny: I put 'em in a Flickr set.
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Yeah this is really cool. Those tones hit a certain reward spot in my brain.
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Amazing! I am amazed.
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I'm too sqaure to dig that
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I'm too sqaure to dig that

Droogie don't crash here
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That's the third time I'm listening to your version, and I get a little deeper into it each time. Your grooves are as hypnotic as they usually are.
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This is excellent, and I wish I'd chipped in to that effect when I first listened to it instead of putting myself under a commenting and listening purdah for the Bowie covers. I love how your version hews so close to the original but sounds completely different. I'm also impressed at how you managed to make something so playful which doesn't sound remotely kitsch. This is really different, really cool and definitely a song I enjoy listening to in its own right.
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This is so, so good. Like I've stumbled, strung out, into some skanky Berlin dive circa 1982. In the best way!
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I get Suffragette City mixed up with Government Center by Jonathan Richman, just because the words "suffragette city" and "government center" have the same rhythm. And I just realized that "jonathan richman" and "flapjax at midnite" also have that same rhythm.

You know that flapjax at midnite
Is outta sight - he's all right!
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Yes! A little makeup and spandex and you've got a rock star career!

Any chance of getting up to Boston for a performance on your upcoming US tour?
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Hi sammyo, hi scody. Yes, I'm coming to the states this fall, from 10/24 to 11/21: I'll be in NYC, mostly. The performance schedule isn't completely ironed out yet, but what's booked so far is all here at my website.

And sammyo, there has been a little talk of a possible Boston show, but I'm not sure yet. Please check back at that same link above, there will be updates!
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*gazes sadly at New York from L.A.*
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The World Famous , that is one hella sweet offer, and at some other time, I'll try my best to take you up on it! This time around, though, flight schedules are carved in stone, and an LA wing of the trip just won't be possible. I'll aim for that, though, hopefully in the not-too-distant!
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yes! And I will tag along to provide handclaps to any music that might be made (you do not want me to sing or to attempt to play my guitar, for reals).
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o man.
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