05 guy fawkes moon - vampire deer

September 9, 2013 5:34 AM

not so close encounters of the drug kind

you came over to hear my tunes
but honey you left me way too soon
got some money for the liquor store
and never came back no more
said you'll clean my house for a thrill
looking through my bathroom for cold pills
never listened once to my song
that's when i realized you were wrong

there's a guy fawkes mask over the moon
and what you get you're going to get soon
whatcha gonna do with that ronsonal
you can't have that many lighters at all

you got 20 bucks and you lost a friend
still gonna hustle until the end
always got a screw up and a tale of woe
to get someone to give you dough
always talking fast cause you can't slow down
you just lost another clown
gonna get some guy to smurf for you
and get those cold pills for your brew

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