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September 6, 2013 8:28 PM

From the beginning to the end; after this track we have only one track left in this absurd amalgam of noise before the whole of OK, Computer? is finished. I hope you've enjoyed this bizarre ride, which has destroyed my voice and changed forever the way I sing, seen the birth of at least one new Gyrophonic instrument, and helped me really develop my comfort and style as a producer and arranger.

Unlike Airbag, the production of this track would make for the least interesting video ever. it was all done in a single take, with Trey using two Dialpads at a time, and me using one. We didn't listen to what we were doing as it was happening, but we made sure to get good variation of sound in each pad ahead of time, and we had a good idea of what the sound spectrum and possibilities of the devices were, just by a visual representation on the tablets/phone. As such, we were able to play them in reaction to my vocal performance, even without hearing anything but the vocals.

In the vocals, while the verses are random/arbitrary pitched, I made certain to return to the native key of the original for the chorus, to give some sort of grounding point for listeners. That kind of deviates, however, in the final product, thanks to a) the fact that I didn't warm up my voice ahead of time, and b) some post-production pitch wobble via delay.


Timbill Corder (me) - Vocals, Ethereal Dialpad (Samsung Galaxy SIII)
Trey Beauregard (man vs sun) - Ethereal Dialpads (Dell Streak, Google Nexus)

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