The Girl With No Name

September 15, 2013 1:33 PM

Rumours of my death were apparently exaggerated. Blame the Farfisa.

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Farfisa sounds great, this whole tune kicks out the proverbial jams. Maybe my most favorite one yet.
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Back with a blast :)
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Perfect 60s vintage vibe, man! Lyrics are hilarious, too: "I might let you love me but I don't wanna know your name" was the perfect variation on the first chorus ("don't know if I love you but I think I wanna know your name"). Cause that first chorus lyric would, in most cases, have been simply repeated after each verse, as the lyric hook. Same every time. So that was a nice surprise.

And I love it when guitar solos stay in the lower to mid register and don't go way up the neck. It's much cooler. Loved the way you came out of the solo, too.

My only reservation is that third chorus: lyrically, it seems like it stays a little bit too much in the same place, you know what I mean? I don't know what you could replace the lines with to make it better, though, and still keep the "name" angle going (and the name angle definitely needs to keep going), but to take it somewhere else, somehow, would be way cool.

Anyway, great job all around. This is definitely my personal favorite of your postings here to MefiMu, and, yeah, welcome back!
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Thanks, Flapjax. This feedback on this is really interesting because it's part of my continuing project to be way more direct in the songwriting -- in particular less clever-cleverness and more accessible choruses etc. Basically trying to write songs that can hook an audience on the first hearing as opposed to the third or fourth. I'm still not all the way sold on it as an approach but it has taken me in some interesting directions (I have four or five more in the pipeline which are more or less immediate grabbers).

The motivation is that as a band we are likely to end up playing a bunch of places where people have not come to see us specifically, and rather than pulling out a bunch of covers we would MUCH rather play some originals that are accessible to a random audience of more or less drunk people.

I hear you on the 3rd verse. The point of the song is supposed to be that a player gets played and it could come across much more strongly that a lesson was learned. It was partly inspired by this fantastic Israeli TV series ALENBY that I've been watching (it's not available anywhere in English yet sadly) which has a wonderful story at the heart of it about a male wish fulfillment fantasy come true that turns out to be anything but fantastic. I am going to keep noodling on it.
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PS I'm glad the guitar sits well. I am never comfortable playing anything above the 12th fret, mostly because it seems to be mostly wanking that goes on up there and I've nothing against it but I feel it's best done in the privacy of your own home.
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