making rust - vampire deer

December 21, 2013 2:02 PM

song 1 of making rust, my new album or whatever you want to call it -

sort of a look at a week i spent visiting friends in delray in the early 80s - it was a really funky little place in detroit with a whorehouse on the corner kitty corner from a police sub station

we knew it was a whorehouse because the chalkboard in the window said it was their 1st amendment right to say that this was alexis' whorehouse - they also had a red light

one of the guys there (the house, not the whorehouse) was already resigned to his working fate ...

someone shot the hourglass so i don't know my time
get up in the gray sky light to serve the clanking line
is this everything i've got for me at 21
get pounded at work, get pounded having fun?
don't see nothing better, but i could see a lot worse
i'll see this place close unless they close my eyes first
maybe i should just close my eyes anyway
some future i got making rust for chevrolet

they send the parts to gm and they send your soul to hell
smoking up and drinking up to numb myself so well
don't know nothing different, don't know how to run
don't like this funny feeling when i stand under the sun
the radio "takes the long way home" when i'm on 75
streets of rotting timber, smokestacks still alive
got to move on from this place one winter day
can't be making rust forever for chevrolet

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