vampire deer - 07 pack of cigarettes for the road

March 28, 2014 4:37 PM

last song of my rpm album lightman

get through every day and i guess it's alright
not feeling smart but i don't have to fight
feeling kind of lost with my feet on the ground
in for a penny and out for a pound
don't wanna do songs that sound like the blues
don't wanna do songs that i got from the news
don't wanna go to work, but i think i'd better
don't wanna send my congressman a letter
just want a pack of cigarettes for the road

get through every night and i guess it's ok
i'm getting older and have less to say
my mind is like spaghetti on a wall
sometimes i can't get it to stick at all
don't wanna buy some overpriced car
don't wanna smoke some weed filled cigar
don't wanna watch the world in a glass
don't wanna kiss somebody's ass
just want a pack of cigarettes for the road

ok, it's kind of pointless and it's kind of vain
all this crapola going through my brain
everyone thinks that i'm so solid, man
i'm just making it up as fast as i can
don't wanna do half the things i do
don't wanna live in the big box zoo
don't wanna be poor, don't wanna be stressed
don't want anything but a day of rest
and a pack of cigarettes for the road

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That synth is like a satanic pacman chomping away at life. I dig this, it's dark and relentless. It also, really weirdly, makes me think of R.E.M.'s Monster album even though it doesn't really sound anything like it. The intermittent exclamations feel more like Tom Waits. Anyway, a fun listen -- thanks!

PS: The ending is pure awesomeness.
posted by edlundart at 2:35 PM on April 2, 2014

that synth was a boss sy3 triggered by a drum machine, the same one that's doing the drums - it was totally random, but more or less in one key - one channel of my interface for drums put through a boss dd3, the other channel for the sy3, recorded as is, live - the ending is me twisting knobs on the dd3

the rest of it was played to this

glad you liked it
posted by pyramid termite at 6:26 PM on April 6, 2014

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