it takes a long time to become whole again....

April 8, 2014 7:15 AM

Instrumental. This was actually a song I wrote as early as 1993. I kind of stumbled on a really terrible recording of it from back then (you would not want to hear it, believe me), and I thought why not revisit it, so I jammed out some parts on the chord progression and eventually recorded this.

It's somewhat go-nowhere-ish, but I like it overall. Maybe someday I'll think about putting some vocals to it...

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Doesn't need vocals! I like this a lot. Sometimes the act of leaving something alone for a couple of decades really helps - the tune goes round in your mind for all those years so when you come to re-record or rearrange it, it's like creating a cover version of a warmly remembered memory.
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Yeah, this has a nice progression to it, I like how it flows from section to section. It feels like an epic piece, even if the sound isn't huge. I could see some sort of chant-like, repeated lyric working well for it.

The break around 6 minutes in, where the very different beats come in, is really cool and surprising. Nicely done!

Are you programming the drums? They have a very nice natural player feel to them.
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@srednivashtar: Thanks! Definitely interesting to revisit. I like the way you put it about a cover version of a memory. That was really poetic. I can't even remember how to play most of what I made up in the past and sometimes you pick up a guitar and some of things come back unexpectedly.

@edlundart: Thanks so much. Epic is what I'd hope for. Rambling on unnecessarily is what I'm prone to (both musically and with comments.)

About the drums, yes, definitely have to program. I don't have a set and I was never very good and could only keep a few simple beats. I try to make them organic-sounding for stuff like this and sometimes I don't mind if they get more mechanical for certain parts or other types of stuff.

The thing is with programming them, you can spend so long. I try to add a lot of variation if I have the time. And sometimes I'm just lazy with them and don't do as much work saying I'll go back latter and add more fills and parts but then never get around to it.

but anyway, if you are looking for some good software instrument drums, take a look at the Abbey Road series by native instruments. I love those. I can't afford all of them but I have a few kits that have come bundled with some other stuff. Also, I thought the latest version of Apple Logic Pro comes with some very decent sounding kits (not as good as abbey road but still very good).
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