vampire deer - 5 - bad cowboy movie

August 29, 2014 5:39 PM

song 5 of ants and penguins - someone keeps saying to me "it is what it is" - i dislike that

it's a bad cowboy movie with everyone dead
stinging smell of juniper inside my head
we walk around like zombies, take each other down
the trail of years a trail of tears in this rusted town
it is what it is you say and take another pill
and i stand here with my mop and wait for dreams to spill
this isn't the way the cowboy stories used to be told
and i'm too old for anything but getting old
i'm sorry i'm an asshole, i'm sorry you are too
yippie yo ki ay yippie yo ki woo
i'm sorry i'm an asshole, i'm sorry you're one too
when you get right down to it it's what we have to do

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