02 chevy - vampire deer

December 23, 2014 6:06 PM

2nd track of hexas - perhaps an explanation of why i drive fords

power steering whined like hell, brakes were always squealing
don't know how i made it through, time to rust proof that feeling
burger king wrappers on the floor, looking for a place to get drunk
always in a chevy, always in a funk

and all the words we argued through, do we remember them now?
always wanted a revolution, never figured out how
the kids grow up in violence and they learn to work and dress
always in a chevy, always in a mess

i could have been a texaco song and dance man, just a pawn in a shell game
america drinks and fights and goes home while i forget my name
i had my uniform on, i had my feelings hurt
always in a chevy, always in the dirt

they tell us we're running out, then it gets cheap again
fill us up, sir, if you can - we're the conbustable hollow men
looking for our world war 2 to justify death and life
always in a chevy, always full of strife

maybe it's just my nonsense, but i got no place to go
i've been everywhere but it's nowhere that i know
the bricks are falling one by one, the leaves are falling too
always in a chevy, always with nothing to do

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