06 hexas - vampire deer

December 28, 2014 6:14 PM

last song - the road goes on forever

a desert rose in sudden rain, sudden life i can't explain
listening to the football game, somewhere in an endless plain
the ghost of uncle miltie shies through decades of convenient lies
i let it go just like her touch - i'm at the age where everything dies

i could drive my life away, or find a dusty town to stay
the paper yellows at the door of the motel baltimore
i close my eyes against the night and fumble through the new day's light
don't know where i'm going but it's not where i have been

is my life a senseless rhyme, engine working over time
another cloudy desert day - should i go or should i stay?
distant music from the past - have i got my kicks at last?
how can this life ever end when the road is so, so vast?

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