Why Worry (Dire Straits cover)

May 13, 2015 4:29 AM

30 years ago today, on 13 May 1985, Dire Straits released their number-1, 9-times platinum, Grammy-winning fifth album: Brothers in Arms. ‘Why Worry’ is track 5 of the nine great songs on the album.

Played on my Mule Resophonic steel-body tricone resonator, the closest thing I have to Mark Knopfler’s iconic 1930’s National Style O (nickel-plated brass-body single-cone) on the album cover.

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Forgot to include this tech detail in the post: Played in Open D tuning.
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This is lovely! This album is a not-particularly-guilty pleasure and I bought it on vinyl the other day. Reminded me of how great some of the tracks are, like this one.

This version sounds like a couple of the band stayed behind and played a pared down version to the people cleaning up after the gig. Lovely.

I'd be interested in hearing a version without the drums and an accordion involved somehow for tearjerking purposes, don't judge me.
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I love, love, love this. This is the album that introduced me to Dire Straits and their music is tied up with my memories of my early 20s; my first newspaper job, far from home; and the first of the two big loves of my life -

Running on the YMCA track to "Tunnel of Love" while watching my boyfriend play basketball with our friends on the court below. Riding to Mt. Hood with my bare feet on his dashboard, singing along to Brothers in Arms on the tape deck. Making "So Far Away" our song when we were long distance and our relationship was mostly frustration and 1 am phone calls in the dark. Playing "Hand in Hand" obsessively during our breakups (there were several over 10 years). He died young - a year after we split for good. "Why Worry" is a reminder from across the years of how important he is to me, to who I was and who I am. Thank you.

I don't think I need the accordion, greenish.
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This version sounds like a couple of the band stayed behind and played a pared down version to the people cleaning up after the gig.

Yeah, exactly that. There's such a sense of both weight and effortlessness to this, somehow, that really makes it work nicely. Like a thing that just happens after you're done doing the thing that you were actually needing to do, but it turns out to be the actual actual thing.
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Have you listened to Jon Rauhouse's Songs from the Stratton Sessions? Because this reminded me a lot of that, in a really lovely way.
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