The Crow on the Cradle

May 31, 2015 1:30 PM

A quick recording of a way I've been messing around with approaching an old song. I think the time-signature change makes it seem a bit more bitter and a little less sinister, which is interesting, if not necessarily better.

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I don't know the original of this, but I like your version.

I want to tinker with the mix though. A little less reverb (and phase/flange? I can't tell if there's any on it as it's so far back in the mix) on the guitar, and turn it up a bit. A little bit of reverb on the vocals so they sound like they're recorded in the same place as the guitar.

Also, let loose with your voice! Stand back from the mic a little and go for it. It sounds like, in the high-pitch moments where you ought to be singing a bit louder to hit the notes, you're nervous of doing so and so you're sending your voice up into your nose. Don't be afraid to belt it when you need to.
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That's useful! I think that I am definitely being overcautious here. My voice can be very loud, and I think I'm more aware of the problems that can cause, at this time. So useful to bear in mind the risks of trying too hard to correct. I am certainly more nasal here than I usually am.

The point about reverb on the vocals is useful too, as I did wonder about it at the time. I will tinker, and experiment with bringing the guitar further up in the mix, a bit drier.
posted by howfar at 11:51 AM on June 4, 2015

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