(I'm Gonna Drink A) Fifth Of July

July 4, 2015 1:06 PM

Twitter joke that turned into an actual country song an hour later. I'm in Huntsville with nothing but my ukulele, so this didn't get the full band treatment I'd otherwise do, but it works pretty well like this.

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Wake up halfway offa my bed
Feels like an M-80 went off in my head
Expectin’ the clock to say half past dead
But it’s really just quarter to ten

Yeah I gotta get moving it’s the country’s big day
Independence of the USA
Hop in the shower, wash the cobwebs away
Then head down to the firework stand

But the stand’s shut down
There’s nobody here
Just a sign that says Thanks
And See You Next Year

Asleep all day and drunk all night
Got in a few too many fights
Whole dang country’s birthday just
Passed me by

Day late
Nothing else to
Do for it but
Drink myself a
Fifth of July

Can’t believe that I missed the whole damn day
Musta drank and pissed and slept the Fourth away
Where I did it all I just can’t say
But a headache’s all I thought to bring back

So I drink myself a beer and I have myself a smoke but I can’t
Get the taste of freedom out the back of my throat
So I hit the liquor store and use my wallet to vote
For a patriotic bottle of Jack

And I go back to bed
Just the whiskey and me
And I wipe another day out
In the land of the free

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This is awesome! heehee!
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Since you're travelling, I assume you don't have a bunch of pro-style recording gear. What are you using, just garage band and a real mic?
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Yep, Garageband and a Rode Podcaster USB condensor and my uke. I actually brought a midi keyboard and will try to futz around some in Reason while I'm here too since I just picked that up recently, but I didn't have any specific countrified ideas on the synth front so I just knocked it out in GB real quick.

I don't use much more at home though, in terms of recording kit; I've got a decent little USB mixer/preamp interface and a nice standalone condensor I like better than the Rode for pure mic purposes, plus some other cheap mics. But I miss having all my instruments to hand. Some upright and drums and banjo would have really filled this out.
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Love this.
posted by frenetic at 6:49 PM on July 4, 2015

This is great.
posted by mathowie at 7:51 PM on July 4, 2015

Dang. This is good.
posted by nickyskye at 11:30 AM on July 5, 2015

Best ever!
posted by waviolet at 12:03 PM on July 5, 2015

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