02 tiny town - vampire deer

September 18, 2015 12:29 PM

oh, tiny town - a place so down that even their legislators get expelled from the house - (and yes, it's really about that part of the world)

the shops are bare in tinytown, the second hands get dust
bottles fly to brokeness, love soon flies to lust
man flies the flag on his bicycle, selling the conspiracy news
shake your hands at the liars, you've got little left to lose

the churches stare in tinytown, the cross is peeling white
employers thank that hanging charm for all that they've done right
the police keep their eyes on their old high school targets
well, you might be forgiven, but no one ever forgets

the roads are trashed in tinytown with faygo cola meth labs
the mug shots look defeated, the halfway house has crabs
streets full of blinded windows and a television glow
three roads out of town and nowhere you can go

the man stands up in tinytown and says that it's all shit
you either hand your ass to them or you'll have to quit
you just do what they tell you to if you don't want to go down
he takes off on his bicycle and says he's leaving town

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