I was standing there saying...

September 27, 2015 9:13 PM

Another waste of your time. Another thing made at the same time as my last one, invented (almost a year ago, and shelved) after learning of the loss of another self-disconnected friend only through a random email out of Facebook of their "while I was away" style (the worst sort of feeling), learning it months after the fact, with no chance to go back. Send your drafted messages.

More inside is the description but like the last one, there isn't really much more inside. Who am I? Well I don't even know why. But I don't even know why I'm standing here. I cannot even find my way back to myself. When I know I'll tell you I'm sure.

It's really just a person being sad into my guitar off the top of my head, like all the other ones, not a "music".

posted by infinite intimation

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