Breathe-Pigs-Cigar-Breathe (Reprise)-Great Gig in the Sky

October 24, 2015 8:46 PM

A re-do of a Pink Floyd medley thing I posted a few months ago -- we got better at playing it and added a bit at the end.

Instruments tracked live, vocals overdubbed, mainly because of room noise on the mic tracks. We couldn't resist the temptation to tack The Great Gig In The Sky on the end, and since we're just a bunch of geezers that real singers wouldn't be seen in public with, went with the obvious dude choice of guitar solos in their place.

John worked really hard on this mix, and I think it sounds pretty damn good compared to the last one. So sorry if its redundant to post the same song more or less twice, but I thought this was enough of an improvement to put it up again.

A story: about 5 years ago, Mickey the drummer had an aneurism and was in the hospital for 6 months -- unconscious for over 2 of them. We did not know if he would live for quite a while. So since he has climbed back out of that hole, he got the honors of doing the spoken part in Great Gig. When he says "I'm not afraid of dying" he means it. He personalized it a bit, too.

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Well done. Thanks. It's always nice to hear covers that are true to the original yet sound like a distinct different band playing them. And extra nice when I was just listening to Pigs with my son in the car a couple days ago, and I was remembering why I used to listen to Animals all the time when I was a kid. (It was even the first CD I bought for myself before I even had a CD player.) So thanks for throwing that in the mix. And the transitions were well-timed. More please.
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Animals is an incredible piece of work. I wanted to work in Gilmour's triumphal march of the sheep in there somewhere, but have yet to convince the others as to how it would fit.
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Yeah and you don't want to make the medley TOO long either. Maybe a whole separate medley is called for! I can see the end of Sheep fitting somehow with Run Like Hell...
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...or Dogs matching up somewhere with Echoes...
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This cements my mental note "Devils Rancher=that guy who manages to pull off covering the uncoverable." Kudos!
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I'm just the bass player on this one, but thanks. I worked really hard on Gilmour's solo credenza in Pigs.
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