November 18, 2015 11:53 AM

An elegiac and somewhat wistful acoustic guitar instrumental

All constructive criticism welcome, as are descriptions, perceptions or impressions of influences etc

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A little William Ackerman, in the best possible way, but not really him, just you.

Wistful indeed. Great pacing, smooth driving momentum, shimmering pointillistic details and variations. Curvy forest roads, rain shower just done, sun piercing through. Something well-accomplished just behind, hope and mystery ahead. Very nice.
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Lovely fingerpicking.....the guitar tone is excellent. Either you are a wizard at EQ/microphone placement or the room you are recording in is fantastic.

Can you shed some details on how you captured/mixed the performance? It really is wonderful.
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Heartfelt thanks to you both for your kind and poetic words.

It was recorded in a "dead" room with no acoustic ambience whatsoever, and credit for the atmospherics is due to the Oktava condenser mic and Sean Costello's peerless Valhalla plugins.

Guitar is a Yamaha dreadnought, FX something or other, they really are solid. I played the piano when I was younger which has influenced my fingerpicking style.

Thanks again, sincerely.
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I'm hearing Lindsay Buckingham... I feel like if Stevie Nicks heard this, she'd instantly write a vocal for it and it would be covered by a million country musicians within a week.
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Featured a bit of this on this month's podcast! Really nice, pretty, gentle vibe.
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A really wonderful listen - bravo
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This is just gorgeous.
posted by billiebee at 2:12 AM on March 9, 2016

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