March from "The Nutcracker Suite"

December 2, 2015 7:19 PM

If synthesizers were around, would Peter Illich Tchaikowsky have used one?

I used abridged piano sheet music, not the real score. I added several parts, and played the whole thing on a Yamaha MOX6, just to see how it would sound. I really cheated by creating a MIDI recording at a reduced tempo. Hope you like it.

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I close my eyes. I am transported to a Caldor department store, or maybe it's a Lechmere, and it's December 1985. I walk by the Casio display. On the first keyboard I see, there's a button marked DEMO. I press the button. This is the song I hear.
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If synthesizers were around, would Peter Illich Tchaikowsky have used one?

Sure, he liked all kinds of colorful and gaudy sounds (and he made good use of them - I'm not being derogatory). If he'd had electronic things to go whoosh, blurp, and peeeeooooow, he would have taken advantage of them. He might have sulked and wondered if he was making a mistake, but he would have done it.
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Man, this makes me want to buy an old MT-32.
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I mean really, would Peter "let's put cannons in the percussion section" Tchaikovsky have been above putting some distorted Massive wubs in the bass section? He would not have been.
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So did you buy the department store synth, or when you back was it...not on display?
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