Faith In Me

January 16, 2016 10:08 AM

Today is my lovely wife's birthday so I am posting the song I wrote for her.

This is a song that refused to be ignored. I fell asleep one night with it writing itself in my head and woke up the next day still composing it. I tried to keep it out of my head all day with no luck. Then I came home, sat down, and wrote it all at once. It's changed very little since then. I had the opportunity to record it at a pro studio, though the final edit still isn't complete. Thanks for listening.

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Lovely little pop song. The lyrics are so intimate I feel like I shouldn't be listening to it, but I am, because it's a lovely little pop song.

The harmony vocals that come in at the second chorus were an excellent surprise, and so was the stripped down clapping bit that crescendos. Was worried when I saw it was 5:24 but it doesn't feel long at all.

Wonderful job!
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