Fascination Rap

January 26, 2007 6:08 AM

Oh, will I ever regret this one. A couple of years ago in AskMeFi, I referred to a joke version of "Rapper's Delight" I once did, combined with the riff from the Cure's "Fascination Street". This is that very "rap". It is very rough -- we just did it as a joke for Halloween 1991, and we practiced it... maybe... once. (You know those goofy things you come up with in practice that crack you up but should never be played in public? Yeah.) So there are lots of screw-ups in the recording. Lots. But it was a huge hit with our friends, and so for the remainder of that band's short life, we had to play it at every gig. Unfortunately, it was only recorded the first time we played it. Recording notes: this was recorded by someone in the audience on a boombox, but it's not bad considering that. Definitely not high fidelity, though! Also, there's some talking for a minute at the beginning of the track. Despite everything, I think it's kind of fun. But painful. Definitely painful. "Enjoy." (can you believe we were totally sober when we did this?)

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I should add that although it was a joke, the joke was on us, not the songs -- they are both songs I like a lot, so we weren't trying to make fun of them, just to be silly because I am about the farthest from a rapper you can get. (As you can tell from my other MeMu posts.)
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Actually, I loved it. It was cool & sounded like a fun time! :)

At about that same time, I was at a tiny club in San Diego watching a friend's garage band perform & on a dare I got onstage & sang the lyrics to the theme from Super Chicken to the yacht rock strains of Brandy. It was my first time ever to sing onstage -- I didn't try again until performing jazz 8 years later.

I wish I had a recording of it... (Uhh... kinda.) No... actually, after hearing your recording I really do.
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WORD!!!!!! This is awesome!!! Great thing to post on a Friday. Thanks litlnemo.
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Thanks. :) Super Chicken and Brandy? Augh, that makes my brain hurt. I bet it was great! I love it when bands are goofy.
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Ha! Fun stuff. And you're not alone in your goofiness--a couple of my indierock friends have a mashup of "The Humpty Dance" and "The Joker" that they routinely inflict on unsuspecting crowds.
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Oh, yeah. That sounds like fun.
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I just heard this, and it made me smile. Thanks for saving it.
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