5 - another star - vampire deer

April 4, 2016 4:36 PM

final song of drones, my rpm project this year

maybe it will rain
planes are flying over us
let's play world war 2
take our sticks and go bang at them

don't think this movie's good
chicago's getting nuked
people staring at their smartphones
complaining that reception's not there

i can't believe we've made it so far
i can't believe we've made it so far
every morning's like another star
i can't believe we've made it so far

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Welp, that was creepy. Nice work. Are you familiar with Scott Walker? Your lyrics remind me a bit of his, an association enhanced by the atonal drones.
posted by valrus at 11:21 AM on April 6, 2016

i'm a little familiar with him - i think the biggest influence on me was that i was between hospitalizations and the music just seems to be at the weird energy level i was at and there's no drums to move it forward

i'm not even sure i like what i did this time around, but it's an honest expression of what i was feeling at the time

next time the tempos go back up and the beats come back as i'm feeling more alive ...

thanks to everyone for listening and commenting
posted by pyramid termite at 1:15 PM on April 6, 2016

Yeah, this is a shiver-inducing long corridor of shadows and unlocated twitchy noises (psychologically, not sonically). In a good way. Very strong emotional content for sure.
posted by BlackPebble at 6:58 AM on April 7, 2016

Wow, freaky.

I didn't realize you'd made it thru the rpm challenge, I must've missed that in the main thread, nice work! And you really captured something here...
posted by grog at 6:28 PM on April 7, 2016

posted by Corduroy at 1:07 PM on April 8, 2016

Stevie Wonder's classic! — oh. Well done.
posted by mubba at 8:51 PM on May 2, 2016

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