April 10, 2016 6:17 PM

Second track from the album/playlist I am working on.

The new working title of this project is "Creature Of Habit". "Succubus/Incubus" is not quite what this album is about - of course, since there are no words, what it's "about" is largely up to the listener - but the inspiration is a metaphorical succubus (or, for the ladies, incubus). Something that may be appealing at first, but ultimately "drains your life energy". After the Seduction (track 1, posted March 30) comes the Attachment. In the next installment, things begin to go downhill.

Potentially NSFW vocalization (moans of pleasure) credit to LittleRainySeasons and ghost effect by MaxDemianAGL, both via And once again, the Swamp XT synth by H.G. Fortune is the source of the soundscapes and some of the lead sounds. Note - there's a weird problem with a delay effect in the ending if not played in stereo.

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This is really cool!
posted by ageispolis at 7:16 AM on May 1, 2016

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