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April 28, 2016 10:16 PM

Draft of a song recorded on the somewhat miraculous/blasphemous iPhone app "Music Memos" (which automatically recorded the bass and drums).

Lover don't leave me behind.
Go on and bring in that free sign
Off the road;
All my love
Is still inside

She moved out last weekend.
And I hadn't thought about what an
Apartment meant apart from
Her love.

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Huh! Interesting idea for an app. The bass is pretty convincing! I'm not nuts about how randomly the drums are assigned but it's impressive technology nonetheless. Would love to just hear a raw, drum-less/bass-less acoustic track, the song is well-written & would stand on its own just fine, I suspect!
posted by CarrotAdventure at 7:41 AM on April 29, 2016

what a weird app. nice song, though.
posted by sleepy pete at 9:26 AM on April 29, 2016

Yeah, it's impressive technology but a bit hit or miss (I am also so a-rhythmic in my guitar playing that I can hardly expect this app to be able to keep pace). It's definitely meant for mapping out a song rather than recording one. I think the notation aspect is the coolest feature. It also has a space for notes on tuning and capo usage, so it's great for keeping track of song sketches.

Thanks for the feedback!
posted by Corduroy at 12:08 PM on April 29, 2016

"Apart-ment" as a departure - brilliant. So the app only records 1:50 of a song? Blasphemy, indeed! To be honest, I think anything that makes it simpler for people to create their own music is positive.
posted by AppleSeed at 4:21 AM on April 30, 2016

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