Realization, Remembrance, Regret

May 1, 2016 7:19 PM

Song four from Creature Of Habit.

For those of you just joining this serial posting of Creature Of Habit, our protagonist has been Seduced, Attached, and Ensorcelled by something rather the opposite of nurturing. In this episode, the spell is broken by the simple realization that all is not as it should be, inspired by a memory. It ends with regret over loss - primarily the irretrievable loss of time while under the creature's spell.

Come back next time for the dramatic confrontation that ensues.

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Interesting! I'd literally just decided the Blade Runner-y synths and pleasant burbling effect definitely weren't going to resolve into anything more solid when a waltz broke out. (Not that I know a waltz from a polka, but I can read tags!)
posted by comealongpole at 8:35 AM on May 2, 2016

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