May 9, 2016 7:59 AM

It's a jam that has bleeps, pew pews, and a vaguely apocalyptic vocal sample! Perfect 4 ur summer jam needz

This is a rare example of me actually following through on a riff I sang into my phone's voice memos! One down, forty-nine to go.

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Has a bit of a Strong Bad "The System is Down" kinda vibe to it... pretty wild!
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My summer 2017 needs will be met by this song for sure. The explosions-as-human-beatbox are just the icing on the cake. Cuidado means caution. The missiles are launching! pkh phk pew pew phk p-pew. This is going to be in my head all night, you know.

(And I agree with the strong "Strong Bad" influence. I had a whole scene playing in my head of the HSR characters saying, "Cuidado means caution. The missiles are launching! pkh phk pew pew phk p-pew.")
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Thanks! You are doing an amazing job giving everyone's jams a listen! You're like a musician saint.

Hopefully, missiles will *not* be launching in the summer of 2017 but oh man does that seem possible now
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