03 25k - vampire deer

June 24, 2016 5:23 AM

3rd song of plywood - an almost true story, except that i left a rather pointed note for the manager instead of going off with the money - this was the early 80s and 25k was a LOT of money back then

the manager trainee at the motel left the safe keys in the till
after taking a crew bosses' payroll - 25,000 in bills
well, i looked to the left, looked to the right, opened the safe, got to my car
drove south on the freeway all night, by noon i was pretty far
25,000 dollars, just to get out of my life
25,000 dollars, seemed like the price was right
maybe they're going to miss me, but they're missing the money more
25,000 dollars for rent somewhere and a few trips to the store

i had to change my name of course and had to change my ride
ended up in texas and found a good place to hide
got a job at a lousy factory, but at least i had cash to burn
looking over my shoulder at every corner i turned
25,000 dollars, it's a treasure and a curse
25,000 dollars, i could take a turn for the worse
maybe they're going to catch me, maybe i'm not so smart
25,000 dollars, on my mind and breaking my heart

well, i got myself a house and i got myself a wife
and i got myself a lot of beer to try to think over my life
maybe the money's all gone, maybe i'll be going too
or maybe i'll just stay here and wonder what to do
25,000 dollars, just to screw up my life
25,000 dollars cut me like a knife
maybe they're going to miss me, maybe they're going to find
25,000 dollars of trouble and some nice rocks i can grind

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