God Only Knows [Beach Boys cover]

August 28, 2016 9:58 PM

A song that was sung at a wedding yesterday [MeTa thread]. Since I couldn't be there myself, I recorded this version for you using your officiant's restrung banjolin, a classical guitar, electric bass, my voice, and a tin slide whistle.

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Aw, this was very sweet of you to do for the wedding. I wouldn't mind hearing more of that banjolin -- hope it'll turn up in future recordings, too.

I enjoyed this arrangement -- seeing "banjolin" in the same sentence as "classical guitar" and "tin slide whistle" definitely reinforces the fact that MeFi is the right place for me...
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Plucky and fi-iiiiine. Somehow the bass multiplies the structured shamble by several orders of magnitude. Totally charismatic and filled with heart. Most suitable for a most Happy Occasion.
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This is so so great. This rendition suits us down to the ground. My husband (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) who is currently driving says to mention that it made him smile the whole way through.
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Hurrah! That's how I wanted it to be: helping happy new-spouses smile even moor.

i made a pun. If your husband were driving a Dodge Dart i coulda made it a dart moor pun, but then you'd have to send me to the punny farm.
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"Structured shamble" is exactly how greenish and I picture ourselves. Just perfect. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!
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You are quite welcome. It was fun to learn about how complex the song really is, and then to melt it down and rearrange it slightly while maintaining its latent structured shambleness! Brian Wilson was best when he could translate his shambles into something stuctured that people could hang their emotional coats on.
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