My Heart as Your Home

October 2, 2016 7:04 AM

My good friend and music senpai Jeremy Blake wrote and recorded a song called "My Heart as Your Home" that I immediately fell in love with. I recently got a chance to record a cover of it with my younger brother. He played ukelele and sang the lead; I did all the arrangement, production, and backup vocals. I think it turned out really nicely.

(I've been told it sounds Steven Universe-y, which is just about the best compliment I could ever get.)
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Cool song!
I get what you're going for with the reverb but it "blooms" a little too much.
That solo around 1:35 is quite tasteful.
Cello in the chorus could be cool.
Nice whistling :)
posted by ajryan at 1:26 PM on October 2, 2016

I write musical theatre in Australia. Your song inspired me to join MetaFilter! I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's music!
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This is brilliant! Great song, lovely performance of it.

I agree on the reverb though - there's way too much of it for my taste, I found the booming very distracting.
posted by greenish at 2:34 AM on October 7, 2016

On another listen, I really like this rendition, great job!

About the reverb, the size and duration actually sound decent but it sounds like you may have a compressor with a short-ish release on the percussion track /after/ the reverb, and once the compressor releases the gain goes up on the tail of the reverb, resulting in some distracting "breathing." Same could happen with compression on the master bus in the "spacey" parts... ... of course I could be way off.
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I happen to be a sucker for reverb, and this song makes me smile cause it's so soft and pillowy. I vaguely remember that This Mortal Coil used to use a lot of reverb in the percussion sections of their covers. This reminds me of that general vibe. Like if This Mortal Coil were much more down-to-earth.
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