One Song To the Genre Of Another

December 8, 2016 2:04 AM

Following on from the post about haunting covers I thought I might submit the idea for your consideration for future challenges: To record a version of a song changing the genre in such a way that it changes the meaning of the song.

Wistful, haunting versions of upbeat pop songs are familiar from movies and trailers, but it could be upbeat pop versions of haunting songs (I've long wanted a jolly ukulele-driven version of Hallelujah, but would probably not do it myself), electropop versions of country and western tunes, country versions of heavy metal tunes, heavy metal versions of tv themes. You get the idea. You already had the idea from the title.

(The title is, of course, a reference to the classic round of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, the venerable Radio 4 programme: One Song To the Tune Of Another.)
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I like the idea, but I think covers get plenty of airtime, as both challenges and independent posts, and are meant to do what you say as-is: present the song in a different context so as to give it new meaning. Like BlackPebble's recent cover of "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding".

In fact, I like the idea enough so that I make a wish for a potato*: an automated playlist for cover songs, like how the "mefimusicchallenge" tag automatically appears on the challenge playlist.

*I should cover that song in a different genre, maybe.
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Re-reading my above comment, I want to dial that back somewhat; although I think we have a glut of "cover" challenges, not all covers aim to present the songs in a different context, nor necessarily by flipping the genre. So as far as a different flavor of the "Cover This" type of challenge goes... I still like the idea.

(I also say this because I've thought about many songs over the past few days that would be great to do exactly that to. And I didn't want to come across as "HI YOUR IDEA IS TIRED" because it isn't. I also think I have issues of my own, e.g. that I lean too much on covering songs rather than writing my own because of lack of confidence in my own lyrics-writing/vocal acumen.)
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If you'd be interested in hearing "Jingle Bells" in the style of an traditional Ashkenazic Jewish song, I've been noodling with that for a couple decades, and recently put my latest draft on YouTube. (Someday, I will master multitracking and split-screen videos, and may begin to approach the version in my head...)
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Well, out-of-genre covers are definitely A Thing. I have a terrible tendency to hum along with songs at the wrong tempo or in the wrong style. Only wish I could convincingly render them as such!
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