Mr. HONK Miser

December 14, 2016 7:01 PM

It turns out that once you start making honkcore tracks, it's hard to stop.

Original MIDI file of "The Snow Miser Song" was from Marco Romeo on MuseScore. Honk soundfont found here, via a pointer from aberrantkenosis.

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My son walked in the room after that song stopped playing.

"Did you make that?"
"Good, cause it is pure evil."
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OK, there is nothing wrong this with this at all. Nobody should claim it is amoral, unclean, or a blight. It is the last useful and modern purpose of any remaining professional clowns. It has ascended to a high art. It is glorious and serene and stands up to playing in a loop forever until the world burns. An event which it will surely hasten.

I particularly love the duck-squeak notes. GLORIOUS I SAY.
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I'm more of a Stevie Wonder fan. Play "Boogie On Reggae Woman" next!
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Oh God, what is happening? I feel like I'm stuck in a comedy-scene in a SNES-era RPG, halp!

(but authentically so, so definite props for that!)
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This is fantastic. The actual measure of how good it is may be the fact that you actually made those horrendous source sounds listenable.
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