11 bitter little asshole - vampire deer

December 20, 2016 5:56 PM

it's like mr the toad - or mr the trump - or a mini me version of the child they would have

i'm a master politician with a cemetary landslide
watch me clap my hands, watch continents collide
everything i do is to trade away my pain
always making sure your loss will be my gain
i'm a bitter little asshole and i'll show you how
i'm a bitter little asshole, i'll eat your sacred cow
i'll break your heart and break your mind
break your money and break your spine
don't ask what i do for you, it's what bitter little assholes do

thanks for all the comments - i don't do well at replying to things like that, but i'm glad people like what i do - i've been very busy lately - 80 hour work week - oh, it's almost time to get my laundry ...

some notes though - it's not a resonator guitar, it's a broke down early 40s gretsch "artist" hawaiian guitar (i think) - tuners don't really work well, so i can only play 3 strings - but it was still a deal for 19 bucks!

the flute on crow was actually guitar synth - as is the trumpet here - i don't know why people don't play guitar synth more, it is so cool ... (of course, you have to think like a player of the instrument you're emulating and remember that flautists and trumpeters have to breathe ...)

i'm feeling like the energy is coming back in my music - i was very sick earlier this year and it shows in the music i made

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I've wanted a guitar midi/synth/thingie for a while. I would be the annoying kid in the empty Guitar Center in 1989, trying out the midi guitar week after week but never buying it. (Or the midi drum set, though I eventually got one of those twenty-someodd years later for my birthday.)

I like the dissonance and echo here. It also reminds me of 1989, and home four-track recordings. Like you just got this effects rack home, and are trying it for the first time with your midi guitar.
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