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March 8, 2017 6:05 PM

Hey guys, I'm seeking input and possible collaboration for a song directed toward Trumpistas.

The concept is School House Rock ala Woodie Guthrie or modern Blue Grass/Country. The tentative title is "The Depression, The New Deal and You!"

I want to go back a little further in time to mention to plight of the Native Americans, but most importantly, I want to illustrate what makes this country so great...and then illustrate how AM radio and Fox news infiltrated as propaganda machines for corporate interests. Just kind of a non-partisan timeline of events that lead to our current situation...and how stupid it is.

If you have any ideas about what to include, specific lyric ideas or how to organize it in song, please shoot it to me. And yea, use MeMail. Many thanks in advance.
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That's an ambitious program, a lot to fit in.

You need an image (as they say in English class) or a metaphor or other organizing concept around which to build the song. Woody Gruthrie was pretty good at this. Looking at This Land Is Made For You And Me, you see that the lyric is built on the idea of traveling around looking at the country. Just about every verse has a verb of movement: walking, roaming, strolling, etc.

Another example to look at for inspiration is Harry Chapin's Cats In The Cradle. The lyrics describe a bad behavior repeated over and over in time. It's tied together with a chorus that reflects, rather than explicates, this issue.
posted by SemiSalt at 9:49 AM on May 3, 2017

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