01 vermont sunrise - vampire deer

May 8, 2017 4:37 PM

another album, vermont sunrise, starts with a song about escapism, which never really works, does it? at least that's what all the old hippies say

don't wanna say, don't wanna watch him
orange god for the factory night
look at my strangers, look at my neighbors
which of you chose this blight?
i walk strong, i walk away
i will deny all the words you use
going somewhere i can be whole
in a place i don't have to lose
they say that vermont sunrise
can take up to half a day
up in the mountains, up in the winter
i don't have much to say

grow what i can where i can
throw my radio into the sun
be as strong as life will let me
turn my back cause this race is run
say what i can while i can
throw my spider wires away
got to use what nature gave me
got to try a brand new day

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