So Much for the Tolerant Left (Demo)

May 28, 2017 7:58 PM

This song is dedicated to Richard Spencer's unknown assailant.

The first line of the chorus for this song popped into my head a while ago. Originally my vague notion of the rest of the song was much more nuanced, but then I finally went to try to make it into a real song today and ended up with this.

I really wanted to rhyme "Axis" with "good ass praxis" but by the time I finished I decided this song really didn't need to be longer than it was and it was too silly for me to flesh out. Maybe later?

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Nothing is too silly to flesh out, I say. This is really cohesive and catchy, and captures this moment where so many of us are rethinking the best response to the resurgence of pernicious ideologies like Spencer's. My favorite recent response was the professor who recognized him at the gym and called him out. She wasn't going to let him pretend that he's a normal, every day person.

This is a perennial conversation, but I really wish there was a way we could drum up some more activity around here, at least from other parts of the site. A tune like this shouldn't take days to get a positive response! It's an great tune.
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Nearly three years later, this song pops in my head every time I encounter a discussion about the ethics of nazi-punching, and I share it every chance I get. It’s just great.
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