01 miss misery - vampire deer

July 19, 2017 5:47 AM

new album is called no rain - this song's about someone who's not winning

honey let me take you down and out from metairie
i can be your six gun sam and you'll be miss misery
you stare up at the ceiling when i make love to you
baby you don't rock and roll the way you used to do
robbed a bank in lake charles robbed one in lafayette
i ain't a criminal genius but they ain't got me yet
we can go through the delta to the piney hills
they won't ever find us unless the devil wills
you'll see it's almost certain we'll get a brand new life
i'll get myself some honest work and you can be my wife
we'll raise up some children to be better than we are
you'll have a house with a basement and an air conditioned car
she left him at the graveyard so they wouldn't have to carry him far
she drove down to the station took the money left the car
the sheriff called it justice, shipped him back to metairie
and no one ever wondered about miss misery

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