02 the future - vampire deer

July 24, 2017 6:49 AM

perhaps no future was the optimist view

here's the future - here's your tin can voice of rain
here's the pawn shop - here's the ticket like a stain
stay abstract - do not tell us what you do not like
here's a mountain - feel inspired by a motive spike

here's the future - learn new alphabets that can't be used for words
here's the forum - milk it all for meaning into little curds
stay unchanged - you will think you are the all in all
here's an ocean - and at the bottom is a telephone call

here's the future - here's your chain of golden terracore
here's the mission - you must be a buy at every store
stay in motion - your shadow will eat you if you stop
here's a rainstorm - and you will count out every drop

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