I Hate To Be That Guy But

September 7, 2017 10:28 AM

So ominous_paws rounded up That Guy comments and then mandolin_conspiracy said "Arranged properly, these are verses to a song. Somehow." and, well, not to be That Guy but

Vox and upright bass and drums all recorded restlessly during my second cup of coffee this morning. This was goofy and fast and fun and sweaty to make. It is a miracle that I managed to not giggle during the Ukraine line.

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Also some of these still sound like cold readings even on the third or fourth pass that I decided to keep, but I think it's clear that the Contra one I felt deep in my heart.
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This comment is a placeholder until I can decide whether I want to encourage this sort of thing or discourage it. I'll get back to you.

(you're some sort of terrible evil genius, aren't you, Josh?)
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Hopefully this will be featured in the end credits for I Wanna Be The Guy 2.
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the very best.
posted by jessamyn at 11:09 AM on September 7, 2017

cortex, you are a master of...

...the pause.
posted by languagehat at 11:38 AM on September 7, 2017

This is hilarious and the Pearl Jam one cracked me up.
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 12:05 PM on September 7, 2017

This is absolutely wonderful.
posted by the thorn bushes have roses at 12:12 PM on September 7, 2017

You really nailed the "...but!"

lol nailed the but
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I am That Birkenstock Sock Guy, and I approve of this
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I am looking at a photograph of myself here in my mom's office where I am accepting my diploma at my college graduation wearing Birkenstocks with socks. Solidarity.
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I hate to be that guy, but you sound like Max Headroom.

Actually I like to be that guy, this time, and I'd like to be Max Headroom.
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I'm listening to this again now this afternoon and marveling at how good the coffee I made this morning must have been that I managed to spit all this out at the rate of patter I did. I really like the natural tendency toward a musical cadence that "i hate ta be that guy" and "I'm gonna be that guy" have.

Also it's an accident of production that the click/shaker track is so much more there at the end then at the start, though I think it works well; my earphones fell off somewhere in the middle of tracking the upright bass part and since I wasn't sure my fingers had another blisters-free take in them I just played along to the now room-audible click and drums for the rest of the take, and the laptop mic picking up the bass picked up a ton of that as well. The actual click/shaker track isn't anywhere in the mix itself, just a mile of headphone bleed.
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Bless your heart.
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Wait a second, aren't you that guy who shared a bill with soul coughing and king missile way back when?
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I looooove it.... but
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