01 appaloosa springs - vampire deer

December 6, 2017 5:16 PM

this is a rather complex album or story - parts of it seem like 1977 and parts of it seem like 2017 and it's inspired by both ...

time to awaken to the razor of the morning
let some magic happen to the blue sky
frost is winter wind's first and last warning
time to wonder where to go and why
yes it's time to wonder where to go and why

i wonder if this bus is ever going places
engine's throwing oil, tires almost bare
we could fill it with 15 new faces
but how many dreamers could we share
yes, how many dreamers could we share

want to go somewhere, just about anywhere
some place like a desert where winter hardly sings
somewhere beyond the neon wilds of vegas
some place like appaloosa springs
where the eagle flies without fear of the gun
where the people aren't afraid of having fun
but it's only a photograph on a postcard dream
an amusement park with a hidden theme
appaloosa springs
like the seven cities of acapulco gold
appaloosa springs
where hippie dreams are bought and sold
appaloosa springs
maybe in mexico, maybe in cali
appaloosa springs
on the north coast somewhere no one ever hitchhikes to

you know the blathering on the radio
gets on my nerves each morning
tired of stoning away every day
and the job i must get to
maybe i'm falling down, maybe i'm falling up
maybe this place has taken everything that i've got
well i'm mixing the same drinks each night for the same damn drunks
and this woodstove in this old bus ain't too hot
appaloosa springs
like ariel's tempest isle
appaloosa springs
bring out the demons and make them smile
appaloosa springs
maybe i'm bored, maybe i'm crazy
appaloosa springs
maybe i am just a young man who wants to see the land

well the promises of settling down
seem like a sucker's losing hand
and the road i walk
you know is full of shifting sand
maybe it's wednesday, maybe it's thursday
i have so little going on it's really hard to tell
i'm just walking through heck i can't really call it hell
and the setting sun reminds me of a bell
appaloosa springs
there's no such place on the freeway
appaloosa springs
where that place might be no one can say
appaloosa springs
yippie yo ki ay
appaloosa springs
yeah i wanna go there some day

time to mend fences or maybe tear them down
take coincidence and use it to fly
i can't see myself living in this town
time to wonder where to go and why
time to wonder where to go and why

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