03 make it rough - vampire deer

December 9, 2017 3:00 AM

so small compared with the size of the world

somehow realizing i have failed to mark the day
failed to teeth on the brass ring, failed to find my way
some people want to bury me for their vacations and it's not right
no one's going to marry me for my money - times are tight

well, the philosophy of the world is what you get away with
it's a zero sum soul - who are you trying to kid?
i'm watching you on the sidelines in a conscious cast
i'm watching you and thinking you're not going to last

i have no more right in the world than a lousy squirrel
no more right than a sparrow, now watch them whirl
and watch you get upset because no one's driving fast enough
maybe i'll just spend my life in your way, maybe i'll make it rough

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