06 robot morning - vampire deer

December 13, 2017 5:08 AM

back in 1976, the guy who owned the bus and was going to take it out west was an artist - and what he liked to sketch was pictures of things like dead puppies with the new NCR barcodes on them - it was punk and conceptually on it ...

double parked in paradise on robot morning
give out the barcodes for everyone's hand
what do you need with an education
when a chip will tell you everything you need?
barcodes on the dead puppy in the road
barcodes on the sunrise, barcodes on the beach
barcodes on the shit you took this morning
all hail to robot morning and the brave new world

i looked at the future and it stared back at me
and put wires and stuff right into my brain
i'm never going to laugh and i'm never going to cry
do 8 hours of work unconscious and free
cause a robot's going to take control of my hands
so i don't even have to think about the job
it's just like going to sleep, yes it is
the future's just like going to sleep

going to run away to some farm and grow pot
where the helicopters can't see it
going to live off the grid and be free
and i'll use all my textbooks for kindling
they get that degree and get that first job
and someone else does the talking for them
they're reading from their newspaper souls
they're reciting from the tv news morning

once we have robot morning
the sun's never going to set again on the world
satellites to keep the sky up with light
who cares if the birds burn out their eyes?
once we get past this little hippie dream
everything's going to be alright
barcodes will help keep everything straight
there's nothing wrong with a chip in your hand

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