09 holler at the sky - vampire deer

December 16, 2017 1:47 PM

actually this is the first song of the second cd, not that anyone's burning this to cd, but ... it's also another monologue and dulcimer based tune ...

walk the path to school and wander in the maze
look out of the window at the multi colored haze
the dream did not grow large, it was small enough to drown
but not enough water there to wash the soulstain down
make your bargain with your god, bloody on his knees
learn to be sarcastic as you insincerely please
the writing's on your wall and the chalk is in your hand
and what you thought was life you don't understand
i speak of nonsense singing and you just shake your head
tell me that the life i want has already turned dead
it's a bitter pill, knowing you must sell
while things you wanted to give the world are thrown into the well
skyscrapers and pyramids crush us with their bones
and people try to contact god with their telephones
and when the flag is waved and the sirens cry
as our voices melt, we can holler at the sky

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