15 - avenue song - vampire deer

December 29, 2017 6:29 AM

the thing was, i was a mess in the 70s and he was the together fast talking con artist - in 2013, i heard that he'd killed himself way back in the 80s - that left me to wonder how i could be wrong about so many things, because it just wasn't what i expected to have happened

always wondered if i'd choose the bridge
or maybe choose a high and lonesome ridge
wonder if i could do it with a smile
wonder how many turns i'd do in a mile
no wonder people stared and walked away
there's no telling what i'd confess from day to day
the queen of suicide was in my head
don't understand how she got to you instead

accumilating ghosts is what i do
anyone lives long enough, they'll do it too
the hate guy from sproul plaza passed away
cigarrettes got to him he had to quit the play
he smoked virginia slims and wore a dress
said the 20th century was a bloody mess
i wonder if the burnouts got their dues
i wonder if i'll ever lose these blues

people's park is baking in the sun
everything i knew is finally done
i watched a generation reach for the stars
and have to settle for the sidewalks and bars
still i have to wonder what happened to you
i was the one who was most likely to
it's bad how every good time ends
when you feel abandoned by your friends

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