July 11, 2018 10:34 PM

With gman's announcement that he's taking a leave of absence, I told him beforehand that, on the day of his departure, I'd smoke something heady and record an improvised freakout jam. Gabe—I hope wherever you landed, they have internet; this one's for you.

I sorta recorded it blindfolded: created a simple rhythm over a click track, muted that and placed a bass line down on the click track, and with each successive track (five in all), I muted all except the percussion track while I recorded the take. I kept it to one take for each track, and did minimal editing afterward. Total project time: less than an hour. And I was wiiiiicked high.

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will light one up for gman with this on loop.
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I feel like he totally heard it, n_o_d.
My wife Sue and I biked over to Gabe's beautiful home in High Park (right?) last week for his wake and while I felt like we were the "who the hell are they?" people from the internet, everyone was super nice and it was a completely rocking party; after you entered the house and walked through the amazing array of food (and a kickass bar with bartenders mixing drinks and pouring great Ontario craft beer), you went through the secret side-door to the tiny backyard where there was a (closed) hot tub with speakers blasting music, and a cloud of weed smoke. This song would have worked perfectly through those speakers, I can hear it now and I feel like it was there and you were there.
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Hey, I used a bit of this in this month's podcast!
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